More Skinny Tie

I am a skinny tie enthusiast. I’ve taken it so far as to open an online skinny tie store.

More. Skinny. Tie.


Business Coaching

Are you a small business owner?

I am an accountant and an entrepreneur myself. In my work I interact with small business owners all of the time that benefit from a trusted professional that acts as a guardrail for their business.

If you’d like to talk about how I can help you succeed in business, please contact me.


Managed Website Hosting

I’ve been building websites for about 24 years for myself, bloggers, organizations, and businesses.

I launched nelson.HOST to be the perfect solution for what I needed in a website. It will likely work perfectly for your website as well.


Reasonable Compensation

Are you an employee? Do you get paid what you’re worth?

Are you an S-Corporation owner that works in the business? If you don’t pay yourself a defendable “reasonable compensation” then you may be in for an headache courtesy of the IRS.

I can help you prevent that headache.


Tax Return Compliance

Do you need more than TurboTax to get your tax return done? I’m here for you. Contact me to get started.

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